New Moon in Gemini

Thursday 21st May, 6 pm

The Evolve Collective welcome you to join us on Thursday 21st May, 6pm to honour the New Moon in Gemini. Gather with us as together we explore new ways of unlocking how we express ourselves, our creative potential, clear communication and to listen and hold space for one another.


Chandra and Rosie will guide you through an inspiring guided mediation, leading onto a sharing circle where we will create a space for everyone to be heard and to express whatever they like. We will end the evening with a guided Mandala drawing workshop and ceremony. Here we will explore your creative potential, and playfully discover new ways of expressing yourself. 


Collectively we will bring forward and unravel new ways that we can share our thoughts, and feel heard. 


Join us, as we Evolve Together...!

Strawberry Full Moon

Thursday 4th June, 6 pm

The Evolve Collective invite you to Salute the Strawberry Full Moon with them on Thursday 4th June, 6pm. In a world where everything around us is instant, we will be holding space to explore the intention of arriving in the present.

This Full Moon is in Sagittarius guiding us into Summer, inspiring in us a sense of wanderlust.


Under this moon, which was named by the Algonquin north American Indians as it coincides with the time that they harvested the wild strawberries. We will be working with the energy of the eagle who flys above, we will be reflecting on what we have achieved throughout this Moon cycle, touching on what we would like to bring forth to the future and then we will land, fully focused and held, in that moment. 

Journey with us through a breath work experience, embracing a blissful guided heart opening meditation. 

Leading into sharing space for individuals to journal and express what arose for them in the meditation followed by an uplifting song and completing the evening with a sacred ceremony, combining all of the Senses to fully embody the feeling state of presence.

Join us for a fruitful, and fruit filled evening...!

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