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Our blissful events combine Yoga, meditation, art and creativity to offer something for everyone.


All are welcome to connect, play and evolve with us!



Rosie Hill

Rosie is a trained Sacred Space holder, Fine Artist & entrepreneur. She runs her own business selling Henna Tattoos, and aromatherapy products and screen printed t-shirts at festivals, weddings & events around the UK.


Last Summer she traded at over 15 UK Festivals, including Isle of Wight Festival, Reading and will be trading at Glastonbury in 2021.


She has always been passionate about creating environments where people can relax, and find some headspace. Believing that every person has there own unique way of relaxing, whether that is through moving your body, meditation, art, cooking, dance! She strives to create environments which offer something for everyone. 

She explored this concept further through traveling with Chandra to Guatemala, to train as a Sacred Space Holder (Yoga Alliance 30 Hours). Here she explored ways of journeying inward, working as a collective, working with the natural and spiritual energies.


Together with Chandra they created Evolve Collective to bring together a community of like minded people. 

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Chandra Gould

Chandra is the Founder of Yoga with Chandra, a wellness coach, Sacred ceremonial facilitator, Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness meditation specialist, who runs workshops and events in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties. 

Chandra has been an entrepreneur for several years developing her own style of “slow flow” Yoga in which she plans her class themes  intuitively adding in a generous measure of spirituality and mindfulness. Chandra teaches what she calls “conscious Yoga” guiding her students to find awareness on all levels enabling them to become empowered. 

After her yoga teacher training with the YMCA in 2017 Chandra developed her practice and began her teaching career. Having always had an inquiring mind it wasn’t too long before she went onto train in Yoga philosophy with the Oxford Hindu centre in 2018.


She also qualified in her pre and postnatal award and level 3 Pilates in the same year, choosing Pilates as an ideal low impact compliment to Yoga that delivered postural strength and support.


Chandra even introduces mindfulness to her Pilates class, always adding some relaxation time at the end of the practice.Further training has led Chandra to qualify in Yin Yoga, Mindfulness meditation and Sacred Space facilitation. 

Chandra and Rosie have developed Evolve Collective, where they can blend their skills and passions creating offerings that support and inspire others.

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